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The CMCB brings together a diverse range of unique expertise in microbial cell biology. Members of the CMCB investigate both model and non-model organisms, bacteria and archaea, pathogens and non-pathogens.

The available expertise extends across length scales facilitating an understanding of structure-function relationships at both the molecular and the cellular level. This naturally combines approaches from molecular microbiology, genetics, microscopy, biochemistry, structural biology and biophysics.

Structure and function of proteins, nucleic acids and protein-nucleic acid complexes

  • Atomic force microscopy
  • Cryo-electron microscopy
  • NMR
  • X-ray crystallography
  • TIRF microscopy
  • Tethered Particle Motion
  • Optical tweezers
  • Chromatography, light scattering, biolayer interferometry and thermal stability 

Genomics and proteomics

  • ChIP-seq
  • RNA-seq
  • Chromosome Conformation Capture (3C, HiC)
  • Comparative genomics and whole genome sequencing – quantitative (phospho)proteomics
  • Genus-specific amplicon sequencing for genotyping

Structure, morphology and behavior of cells

  • Cryo-electron tomography
  • TIRF microscopy
  • Correlative light and electron microscopy
  • Fluorescent microscopy
  • Fluorescence time-lapse macroscopy
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