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How we work

What does our changing world mean for how and why we learn, live, and work? How do new technologies and methodologies challenge or empower learning? What opportunities do technological and social innovation create to impact the world’s most complex challenges – challenges like peace, justice, security and prosperity? How do we ensure that innovations are impactful and inclusive?

The Centre for Innovation identifies and researches transformative trends and develops technology driven solutions. Our goal is to prepare Leiden University for the digital future by exploring, testing and implementing innovations in teaching and learning. We innovate within three themes: Living, Learning and Working.

How can the knowledge and practice of the University and partners contribute to solving immanent social problems? New technologies may play an important role in solving these problems; we help find develop early experiments to find their uses and impact.

The methods of teaching and learning are continually evolving. New technologies create new opportunities for the way we reach and activate  students. In doing so, we can rethink the freedoms and priorities of the teacher, too.

Emerging technologies change what we do. This flows on to challenge the purpose and value of work. We need to rethink how we structure working. From the teams we build, the way we make decisions, and maybe the business model as a whole. The Centre for Innovation explores how this could impact why people pursue higher education. By working with the University and our partners, we:

  • Help students and professionals develop their skills and realise their entrepreneurial potential;
  • Support organisations with advice on the impact of digitalisation and the shifts in the job market and workforce
  • Develop methods that establish a culture in the workplace that has a focus on learning, team effectiveness, commitment and transparency

The Centre for Innovation applies design thinking principles to experiment with new tech trends and methods, and acts as an innovation accelerator for Leiden University. This means that we:

  • Learn fast & small-scale
  • Apply a user-centred approach
  • Work with interdisciplinary teams
  • Co-create for impact / research
  • Build strategic partnerships

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