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About the conference

The Co-Align Conference 2023 will be held on 16 May 2023 at Leiden University.

Emotional signals come in many forms, ranging from facial and bodily expressions to alterations in physiological signals (e.g., heart rate, electrodermal activity and blush). Additionally, when we interact with others, we automatically align in behaviors and physiology. This phenomenon occurs on an unconscious level and has been related to prosocial behavior and normative socioemotional development, but interestingly also to conflict and competition. While research generally has focused on the positive effects of alignment, findings in clinical and developmental studies highlight that negative consequences should also be considered.

At this one-day event, by fostering communication between clinical and developmental researchers (among others), we hope to generate new insights and strengthen the knowledge of the role of alignment in interactions.


Contact Information

For all questions please contact the organizers via: co-align@FSW.leidenuniv.nl

Conference Funding

This event is sponsored by the Leiden University Fund (LUF), and the Leiden University Cognitive Psychology Unit

Conference Organizers

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