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Telders Case 2022

Case concerning the Compensation due from the exploded M2M Satellite’s Space Debris

To mark the special occasion of the 45th Anniversary of the Telders International Law Moot, the 2022 moot problem, for the first time in its history asks participating teams to argue at the phase of reparations, the merits already having been decided by the International Court of Justice. Telders therefore releases the 'Case concerning the compensation due from the exploded M2M Satellite's Space Debris'.

The moot problem concerns intertwined questions of international space law, international environmental law and international human rights law. It asks participating teams to assess the compensation emanating from the liability of both parties to the dispute (Jonam v. Maleen) as a result of the explosion of the ambitious M2M space exploration satellite, and the ensuing damage caused in Outer Space and on the Earth.

Case Author: Mohit Khubchandani

Telders Case 2022
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