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Keynote Speakers

Three speakers have been invited to give a tutorial or a keynote talk on Survival Analysis.

Prof. dr. Hein Putter (Leiden University Medical Center)

Prof. dr. Hein Putter will give us a tutorial on multi-state models in Survival Analysis. 

Prof. dr. Hein Putter is professor in the Department of Medical Statistics and Bioinformatics of the LUMC. He collaborates closely with the Department of Surgery and the Department of Oncology of the LUMC, and with international organizations like the European Organisation for the Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC) and the European Group for Blood and Marrow Transplantation (EBMT).

His most important research area is survival analysis. Within this field, his main research interests are competing risks and multi-state models, dynamic prediction, and frailties. The topics competing risks / multi-state models and dynamic prediction are closely related. 

Together with Hans van Houwelingen, he wrote the book “Dynamic Prediction in Clinical Survival Analysis”. He also co-wrote the mstate package in R for estimation and prediction in non- and semi-parametric multi-state and competing risks models.

Dr. Maja Pohar Perme (University of Ljubljana)

Dr. Maja Pohar Perme will give a keynote talk.

Dr. Maja Pohar Perme is an associate professor of Biostatistics at the Medical faculty of the University of Ljubljana and teaches both medical students as well as statistics students at masters and PhD level. As statistician, she is the co-editor of the Slovenian Medical Journal.

Her research focuses on survival analysis with particular interest in relative survival methodology. She is researching properties of the methods traditionally used in the relative survival setting and has made several contributions to the field by introducing methodology for non-parametric estimation, semi-parametric modelling, goodness of fit testing, etc. Her current research focus is the use of pseudo-observations in relative survival. She is the author of the relsurv package in R.


Dr. Birgit Lissenberg-Witte (VU University Medical Center, Amsterdam)

Dr. Birgit Lissenberg-Witte will give a keynote talk.

Dr. Birgit Lissenberg-Witte aims her current research at the VU University Medical Center at more applied methodology in health science. She developed algorithms for more accurate estimation of cumulative incidence by correcting for misclassification of events due to limited accuracy of screening tests. Furthermore, she is involved in clinical decision research as a statistical consultant. Birgit teaches in the area of statistical methodology.

During her PhD research at the Delft University of Technology, she developed nonparametric methods to estimate the cumulative incidence of asymptomatic diseases, in particular the incidence of viral infections (HIV and Hepatitis A), and focused on mathematical properties of these estimation methods.

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