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Teaching Indigenous History and Heritage: Educational Guide Released!

Now teachers and educators can use the Teaching Indigenous History and Heritage guide to introduce these topics in and outside the classroom.

Teachers using this guide can navigate through concepts, maps, tips, exercises and a glossary of archaeology artefacts, which can easily be incorporated to their daily classroom activities. This guide is of particular use for teachers of Social Studies and Caribbean History at primary and secondary school levels.

You are invited to use this guide full of helpful tools to enhance your teaching of Indigenous History and Heritage in school settings. Within this guide you will find pictured archaeological artefacts: we encourage you to use them as references for the activities you will prepare for your students to learn about the past and its connections with today’s Caribbean society.

This guide was designed as a result of participatory activities organized in the Caribbean. Thanks to the input of teachers in the region, we were able to compile all the information of what they find useful to know about archaeology, heritage and pedagogical practices.  We hope you will enjoy using this educational resource as much as we did preparing it! This entire guide is available as a freely downloadable resource. You can download this guide on the column on the right.

If you have any questions or inquires please do not hesitate to contact us, just e-mail Eldris or Tibisay.

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