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Save the date: Caribbean Ties opens May 2019

We are proud to announce that the exhibition "Caribbean Ties, connected people then and now" is opening at several locations in the Caribbean and The Netherlands in May 2019. "Caribbean Ties" has been developed in broad collaboration with local partners in the Caribbean, and features the results of the latest scientific research undertaken by the NEXUS1492 project. Combining local, regional, and global perspectives, the exhibition focuses on the connections between past and present indigenous cultures and our current multi-ethnic communities, exploring in this way the living and current impact of indigenous heritage.

The present exhibit — Caribbean Ties, Connected Peoples Then and Now — is a joint effort to reflect the complex diversity that existed in the Caribbean archipelago before the arrival of Europeans and which remains a vibrant reality in the region today. The exhibition is developed through international collaboration with over 20 partners across the Caribbean and Europe. The main themes, presented internationally in museums and community centers across the region, are expanded with locally relevant content in each country. The design of the exhibition is a state-of-the-art modular concept, which allows each host partner to select the appropriate module for their space constraints, local context, interests and budget.

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