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Koriabo - Do Mar Do Caribe Ao Rio Amazonas

24 September 2017 - 27 September 2017
Alexandre Ferreira Auditorium, Goeldi Museum Zoobotanical Park
 BelĂ©m, Brazil

On the 24th of September Prof. dr. Corinne Hofman will open a four-day event entitled "Koriabo - do Mar do Caribe ao Rio Amazonas" (Koriabo - from the Caribbean Sea to the Amazon River).

In 2014, one of the results of the first International Archaeological Ceramics of Amazonia Workshop showed evidence of ceramics with components of the Koriabo, initially considered to be restricted to the Guiana area, to be much farther dispersed across the Amazon.

Now, in the next workshop more specific topics will be addressed to understand the meaning and processes that led to this widespread distribution of Koriabo-style ceramics. Issues to be discussed include technology, territoriality, networks, and possible relations with the history of Carib-speaking peoples. 

Prof. dr. Hofman's lecture will focus on the meeting between the indigenous peoples and the colonizers in the Caribbean islands, and how this theme has been approached by the archaeologists of the University of Leiden. 

On the 25th to 27th, the program will be devoted to lectures and presentations by invited researchers.

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