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Caribische ontmoetingen: Indiaanse netwerken van vroeger en nu

3 October 2017
 Paramaribo, Surinam

At the Cleveringameeting in Paramaribo, Surinam, on the 3rd of October 2017 Prof. dr. Corinne Hofman will present a lecture entitled: Caribische ontmoetingen: Indiaanse netwerken van vroeger en nu (Caribbean encounters: Indian networks in the present and past). 

Since 1946 LUF (Leids Universiteits Fonds; Leiden University Fund) Leiden researchers across the world give lectures on current scientific topics. LUF organises these yearly lectures in collaboration with regional committees around the world in honour of the famous protest speech by prof.mr. R.P. Cleveringa on the 26th of November 1940.

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