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Products and downloads

Here you can find products and research tools developed by the Navigation Lab Leiden

Wayfinding Questionnaire

The Wayfinding Questionnaire has been developed to assess navigation impairments. The questionnaire consists of 22 items divided of 3 subscales: Navigation & Orientation, Distance Estimation and Spatial Anxiety.

Below you will find the English version of the questionnaire, the manual an the scoring document. In the near future, the scoring procedure will be updated based on the results of a large sample, allowing us to correct for gender and age.

The Wayfinding Questionnaire (pdf)

Scoring Document (xlsx)

Navigation Training Software

We have developed a serious game aimed at training navigation abilities. This training has been successful in a sample of healthy, young participants. We are currently examining whether the training is effective in a population of navigation impaired patients with acquired brain injuries.

In the video below, you can view a sample of the navigation training application which was used in a study with healthy subjects.

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