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Urban agriculture and Food


This work package aims to assess: a) impacts of different food supply chains and consumer diets that are valid for the cases of cities in China and the Netherland in terms of land use, and the inputs and outputs of water, nutrients, energy and GHG emissions; b) current efforts in urban agriculture with conventional land based crop growth;c) current efforts at kitchen waste recovery and resource reuse. It will analyse the demand changes of food types and quantity under different social development and living standards, and put forward the optimization scheme of urban agricultural product supply. It will evaluate the financial cost-benefit of urban agriculture and its potential on the environmental footprints reduction to identify the suitable urban space for urban agriculture in the case cities. Milestone 2: Optimization scheme (M12); Deliverables 2.1: Optimization of urban agricultural products supply (M12); Deliverable 2.2: Location optimization for urban agricultural (M35) 

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