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Multi-functional urban Green space planning based on transdisciplinary learning (MultiGreen)


Green infrastrucuture (GI) like urban farm and green roofs could provide many beneficial functions in cities. These include for example food production, flood prevention or increasing biodiversity. MultiGreen project aims at developing an integrated modelling tool to support the planning of GIs and to evaluate the multiple benefits of implemented GIs. We gathers academic and societal partners around the Netherlands and China to co-create and apply the tool in different cities. This process stimulates mutual learning among all participating parties and cities and ultimately contributes to better implementation of GI and maximizing its benefits in cities.  


2021 – 2025 


The project has been awarded a grant (NWO project nr: 482.19.704) under the Merian Fund call ‘Green Cities 2019’. This call is a joint initiative between The Dutch Research Council (NWO) and the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). https://www.nwo.nl/en/news/call-china-green-cities

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