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Institute of Urban Environment

About the institute

The Institute of Urban Environment (IUE) is a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary institution engaged in fundamental and applied research on the cutting edge of environmental and resource sciences, as well as the development of high-tech for environmental remediation and waste management, encompassing the impacts of urbanization on ecosystems and social economy, the structures, processes, functions and patterns of urban ecosystems, the relationship between urban environmental quality and ecosystem/human health, and innovative integration of technologies and instruments for the control and remediation of water, soil, air, and solid waste pollution.  In addition, IUE also focuses on the integration of technologies and project demonstration for combined pollution control and remediation in regional environments, innovative technologies related to ecological industry, cleaner production and circular economy, risk assessment and management of environmental pollution in urban centers, long-term environmental measurement and field studies, theories and technologies of urban environmental planning, ecological function and regional safety in urban centers, and the theory and application of environmental management and policy.

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