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Below we present our past and future events of the Multigreen project

Multi-functional nature-based infrastructure in urban areas: where and how workshop TERRAenVISION conference

The goal of the session was to discuss how to integrate multiple functions or benefits when planning nature-based solutions. There are many types/options of nature-based infrastructures and different places where they can be implemented in urban spaces. Deciding what option to apply and where to allocate them should consider a combination of objectives. Climate adaptation, human health, biodiversity and energy saving are examples of objectives where nature-based infrastructures can be of added value. How to maximise multiple benefits using a this type of measures? What aspects need to be considered when planning these measures to target multiple objectives? We explored these questions through an interdisciplinary and interactive session, where we integrated research and practical perspectives. We presented the main elements to consider when trying to achieve each single objective. Afterwards, we proposed a collaborative activity to explore together the synergies between objectives.

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