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As an Exchange or Study Abroad student you will receive an academic transcript from Leiden University which lists the courses you have passed, with grades and credits obtained.

Obtaining your initial transcript

We will start processing your grades six weeks after the end of the semester. Two original transcripts will be sent to your home university or to the organisation that arranged your period of study abroad.

Erasmus students

Your Leiden University faculty exchange coordinator is responsible for issuing your transcript.

Non-Erasmus Exchange students and Study Abroad students

Your transcript will be issued by an International Programmes Officer at the International Relations  Office.

Interpreting your transcript

We include an explanation of the Dutch credit and grading system, and a grading table with the transcripts we send. Your home university is responsible for credit and grade conversion.

Requesting additional transcripts

If you were an Erasmus student, please contact your Leiden faculty coordinator  if you require an additional transcript.

If you were a Non-Erasmus Exchange or a Study Abroad student, please request an additional transcript by sending  an e-mail to exchange@sea.leidenuniv.nl and providing the following information:

  1. Your Leiden University student number
  2. The semester and academic year you studied at Leiden University
  3. The number of copies you need.
    If you require more than one copy, please specify whether you would like each transcript to be placed in a sealed envelope (the individual sealed envelopes will then be placed inside one larger envelope for postage); or whether all transcripts can be put in the same sealed envelope.
  4. The address to which the transcript should be sent.

Transcripts are sent out by regular post. If the transcript needs to be sent by courier please advise us accordingly. Note that you will be responsible for the courier costs and arrangements.

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