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On 23 November 2023, a meeting was held in Leiden’s City Hall where the initial research findings were presented. 


De Leidse Stadscriminoloog meeting: 23 november 2023
Leidsch Dagblad (2021). Leiden is the first Dutch city to have its very own ‘City Criminologist’. Where do people feel safe and unsafe?
Leidsch Dagblad (2021). Leiden’s very own ‘City Criminologist’ is leading a four-year research project on how safe Leiden’s residents feel. She’ll then make recommendations for interventions.
Leidsch Dagblad (2023). High expectations for new Leiden University research project on perceptions of safety. 
Sleutelstad (2023). The ‘City Criminologist’ is researching perceptions of safety among Leiden residents.
Unity.nu (2023). Research into safety perceptions is set to begin in Leiden.
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