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SOLVED: Power outage Bio Science Park

Due to the fire in the 'Ketelhuis' and the resulting power failure, our services including workplace services, Education ICT Support and ISSC helpdesk desks are unavailable at our locations at the Leiden Bio Science Park. Please note that disruptions may be experienced when the power supply is restored. Please report this through normal channels such as the helpdesk portal, email and by phone via 8888. All hardware pick-up appointments will also be cancelled. You will be contacted for rescheduling.

Update 05-23-2023 16:30

The power outage has already been resolved and the buildings are open again. Should you still have an ICT disruption due to the power outage, please contact the ISSC via the Helpdesk Portal, Email or by phone at 071 527 8888.


Update: 05-23-2023 17.00

For more information go to: https://www.medewerkers.universiteitleiden.nl/mededelingen/2023/05/gevolgen-van-de-brand-en-stroomuitval-bij-gorlaeus?cf=universiteit-leiden

Update: 05-23-2023 08:30

For more information go to: https://www.staff.universiteitleiden.nl/announcements/2023/05/buildings-at-lbsp-open-and-operating-again-from-wednesday-24-may?cd=ict-shared-service-centre&cf=service-units

If you have any problems following the power outage we would like to hear from you through our normal channels such as the helpdesk portal,email or by phone at 8888.

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