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Maintenance network Leiden University

Monday 1 February 2021 - Tuesday 2 February 2021
university of Leiden

Network maintenance

W2012 0614 - upgrade KOG access switches
W2011 1378 - upgrade all of Snellius, the Gemaal, Lorentz and St. VALK access switches
W2011 1380 - upgrade all Sports Center (USC), Sylvius, Willem Einthoven access switches
W2011 1381 - upgrade all Academy Building, Observatory, PLNT, Rapenburg 38 and 59 access switches
W2011 1382 - upgrade of all Job Motion, Gravensteen, 5th Binnenvest 7 and 8, Hortus,
Pieterskerk access swiches
W2011 1384 - upgrade of all Plexus, Regens College, Oude UB, Nonnensteeg access switches
W2011 1401 - upgrade of all CHDR, BIOpartner, RMO (Antiquities), RMV (World Cultures),
Rapenburg 65 access switches


During the work, logging into applications from home will remain possible, all network connections (VoIP, PC, Printers, WiFi etc.) in the buildings will be interrupted.
During this maintenance, it remains possible to login to the applications from outside the University. Inside the buildings network connections (VoIP, PC, Printing, WiFi etc.) will be lost.

23:59 - 06:00

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