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Workshop ‘Science Based Rules on Plastic: Regulating Plastic Pollution’ at Lorentz Center

From 27 to 31 January, a workshop on the regulation of plastic pollution based on scientific evidence will be held at the Lorentz Center in Leiden.

The aim of the workshop is to redefine the problem of plastic pollution in a multidisciplinary setting and reach solutions based on mutual understanding. The ultimate goal would be to achieve consensus on a set of principles on plastic pollution that could function as guidelines and as a source of inspiration for legislators and policy makers.

The workshop is organised by a multidisciplinary team: Margit Heinlaan, ecotoxicologist at the National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics of Estonia, Martina Vijver, ecotoxicologist at Leiden University and Jonathan Huijts and Esther Kentin of the Leiden Law School. A mix of scientists on plastics and lawyers involved in plastic regulation and environmental lawyers will attend to discuss the present evidence and the rationales for legislation. Halfway the participants will visit the International Court of Justice to be informed on the functioning of environmental principles in international litigation.

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