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Citizen Science Lab

The Citizen Science Lab brings together researchers, citizens and societal organizations to create new knowledge for science ánd society.

The Lab supports the different stakeholders with setting up a project together. At the moment we are setting up two projects, one on plastics and the other on psychology. Also we are working on the international project MONOCLE with which you can measure both air and water quality with an add-on for your smartphone.

In 2018 we organized workshops on air pollution, archaeology and languages & cultures. These workshops lasted 4 to 5 days and were organized together with the Lorentz Center and other partners.

The Lab is coordinated by Leiden University (Observatory and Science Communication & Society).

We are involved in the Horizon 2020 projects SciShops and EU-Citizen.Science


SciShops will build an extensive knowledge base by analysing the practices of the existing European and International Science Shops. The goal is to engage community stakeholders in knowledge cafes and other community events in order to provide examples of the benefits of community-based research.

SciShops consortium in Madrid


The EU-Citizen.Science project is supporting the development of citizen science across Europe by creating a central platform for sharing knowledge, initiating action and supporting mutual learning.

EU-Citizen.Science consortium in Berlin
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