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SAILS is a universitywide initiative aiming to facilitate collaboration across disciplines on the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Join us!

The SAILS community is an open and light-weight network, aiming to facilitate knowledge exchange and interaction between all Leiden University researchers working on topics related to artificial intelligence. Joining is as easy as taking part in any of our SAILS events. To stay informed on our activities we recommend that you also subscribe to the SAILS mailing list.   

The SAILS programme thrives thanks to the enthusiasm and interactions of researchers across Leiden University who undertake a wide range of collaboration and outreach initiatives. All it takes for you to strengthen the SAILS network is to become active, engage with colleagues from your own and other faculties, create new initiatives and give great talks. SAILS can support you with seed funding and by communicating your ideas throughout the network. We are in this together!  


To remain a central part of new advances in the field of AI, interdisciplinary research and teaching is vital.  This programme will do just that by facilitating the further development of Leiden University's extensive knowledge and experience with AI. Moreover, the synergy flowing from this collaboration will bring about new creativity, funding and inspiration. This project also aims to address the social, political, legal and ethical questions AI potentially raises:

  • How can artificial and human intelligence work together?
  • What decisions can AI make and who will be responsible?
  • How will society change and what new possibilities will emerge as a consequence?

Leiden University has sponsored SAILS by creating 7 new Chairs across the disciplines.

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