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Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research


The Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research (LACDR) is responsible for the research and education in Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences carried out at Leiden University.

Fundamental research in BioTherapeutics

The mission of the cluster BioTherapeutics focusses on the translation of cutting edge research in complex inflammatory diseases into advanced targeted therapies based on biologics, which will form a new line of drug research within the LACDR next to development of small molecules.
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Fundamental Research in Drug  Target Discovery

The mission of the cluster Drug & Target Discovery is to deliver novel drug leads for targeted therapy of cancer that are safe for clinical application. Cancer is a leading cause of death and the main reason is the drug resistant phenotype of metastatic cells. The aim in the cluster is to understand the signalling wiring in metastatic cancer that drives cancer progression and that could be targeted by effective therapy.
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Fundamental research in Systems Pharmacology

Our vision is that personalized medicine can be realized by integrating PK/PD modelling and quantitative pharmacology with metabolomics and systems biology concepts.
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Education in Biopharmaceutical Sciences

Our education ranges the Bachelor's and Master's programmes in Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences and the LACDR PhD-programme. We are committed to provide quality graduate experiences in a personalized environment of cutting edge research and internationally renowned supervisors.

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