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NESA offers a one-year teaching and training programme especially for upcoming and all first year PhD candidates, consisting of at least 5 masterclasses on current and trending theoretical debates in our discipline, an extensive methodology training and occasionally a cohort meeting off campus.

The course Contemporary Anthropology of the Netherlands School of Anthropology consists of a series of masterclasses. There will be 5 masterclasses per year, in February, April, June, October, and December. Each masterclass takes 4 hours and offers a combination of a lecture and a seminar and will be located at one of the 5 universities. 

Upcoming Masterclasses

Love, Imps and Gremlins in the Phenomenology of Ethnographic Fieldwork | 13 May 2022

Dr. Jeff Sluka (Associate professor at Massey University)

Applied Anthropology Labs at the University of Amsterdam | 14 May 2022

A group of anthropologists asked themselves what would happen if - for one day - they attempt to break the silos between the academic, the applied and the institutional? They designed an initiative with four labs to reflect on this question. You can join as a participant! More info:

Mediated Spirituality: on and offline discourses on religious values | 13 June  2022

Prof. Bart Barendregt (Leiden University)
Dr. Martijn Oosterbaan (Utrecht University)
Prof. Thijl Sunier (Vrije Universiteit)

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