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Below you will find an overview of the publications of The Leiden Advocacy Project on Plastic.

Kováč, L. (2018), Ambitious proposal for a single-use plastics directive becomes reality Leiden Law Blog

Kentin E. & Kaarto H. (2018), An EU Ban on Microplastics in Cosmetic Products and the Right to Regulate, Review of European, Comparative & International Environmental Law 27(3): 254.

Kentin E. (2018), Restricting microplastics in the European Union: Process and criteria under REACH, European Physical Journal Plus 133(10): 425.

Fresacher, A.C., Jost, C., Karlen, K., Meinen, L. & Kentin, E. (2018), Memo - The Ocean Cleanup project as Marine Scientific Research. Leiden Advocacy Project on Plastic.

Boer, E. den & Bois, N. du (2018), Memo over het WOB-verzoek betreffende microplastics in cosmetica. Leiden Advocacy Project on Plastic.

Kaarto, H. & Leisti, H. (2018), Memo on the Regulation of Nanoplastics: REACH and the Cosmetics Regulation. Leiden Advocacy Project on Plastic.

Kentin, E. (2018), Banning Microplastics in Cosmetic Products in Europe: Legal Challenges. In: Cocca, M., Di Pace, E., Errico, M.E., Gentile, G., Montarsolo, A., Mossotti, R. (Eds.) Proceedings of the International Conference on Microplastic Pollution in the Mediterranean Sea. Cham: Springer. 245-250.

Kentin, E. (2018), Recycling as panacea for plastic pollution: the EU Plastics Strategy. Leiden Law Blog.

Jansen, J., Veldhuis, F. & Schreuder, M. (2017), Towards a European ban on microbeads. Leiden Law Blog.

Hurley, C., Jansen, J., Kovac, L., Schreuder, M.  & Veldhuis, F. (2017), Memo on Banning Microbeads in the European Union. Leiden Advocacy Project on Plastic.

Hurley, C., Jansen, J., Schreuder, M., Simonin, I., Zeng, J. & Zhong, W. (2017), Memo on national legislation and initiatives banning microplastics. Leiden Advocacy Project on Plastic.

Lehmann, K. & Salemans, N. (2016), Coca-Cola and its plastic bottle. Leiden Law Blog

Kentin, E. (2016), Leiden Advocacy Project on Plastic: law students at The Ocean Cleanup. Leiden Law Blog.

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