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Young Academy Leiden - Call for new members 2023

Are you an early career scholar and would you like to promote interdisciplinary research and outreach activities? Or have your say in science and education policy? Are you interested in community building and promoting well-being among early career scholars? Then, Young Academy Leiden (YAL) may be just the thing for you!

Across disciplinary and institutional boundaries, YAL creates a community to create a community of early career scholars that is a driving force for fresh ideas within and beyond the university. YAL is strongly committed to diversity within its community and especially welcomes applications from members of underrepresented groups

Who are we looking for?

Every academic year, new members will be selected to join YAL. Eligible for YAL membership are academic staff of Leiden University and LUMC who received their PhD within the last 8 years, from the date of the start of YAL membership (with the same extension clause as the one applied by NWO). New members selected in this round will start in September 2023.

YAL members are early career academics with a passion for research and/or teaching and who are enthusiastic about broader academic and societal matters such as science and education policy, outreach, and interdisciplinarity and community building. YAL stands for excellence in the broad sense. Candidates should be committed to YAL’s goals, which are:

- to develop interdisciplinary research and educational activities;

- to stimulate interaction between academics and society;

- to be an independent voice of young academics regarding science and education policy;

- To contribute to discussions that are important to all early career academics, but in particular to those underrepresented in academia;

- to promote collaboration between different disciplines in Leiden and The Hague;

- to promote collaboration with other Young Academies in the Netherlands.

To further develop and sustain YAL, members should aim to contribute, on average, four hours per week to YAL-related activities such as YAL meetings, projects and activities. The application process requires a support letter from the applicant’s head of department or institute manager declaring that the prospective member will be given the opportunity to devote sufficient time to YAL, if selected.

It is important that members see their academic future at Leiden University. A permanent position is not required. Membership lasts five years, after which members become YAL alumni/ae.

Application process

To apply for YAL, please send the following documents to the YAL project assistant, Amber Rostamkhan:

- A support letter for 4 hours/week by your head of department or institute manager (download form here);

- A letter of motivation (500 words max; specifically declare particular interests in the areas of outreach, interdisciplinarity or policy, and how you would like to contribute to YAL’s mission);

- Your CV (2 A4 max).

Deadline for applications is the 6th of April 2023 at 12.00 hrs. Please ensure that your name is in the header of all documents. Only applications that meet the criteria (e.g., deadline, length) will be taken into consideration.

Selection process

The selection committee consists of four YAL members. The committee will select 10 to 15 candidates for a fifteen-minute interview, based on the application documents. Importantly, YAL seeks a fair representation of the different faculties and also aims for an equal distribution across its pillars (i.e., interdisciplinarity, outreach, and science and education policy).

Interviews will be held on the 11th of May 2023. New members and their institute managers will be informed of the decision in the week of May 15th.  This will give the new members the opportunity to reach agreements with their respective institutes regarding their professional responsibilities before the start of the academic year, as YAL membership should be accommodated through fewer management or education tasks. New YAL members will be officially announced on the Young Academy Leiden website in summer. Inauguration of the new members will take place in September 2023.

If you have further questions or if you encounter any obstacles during the process, please contact Amber Rostamkhan.

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