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Decolonising Knowledge PhD Workshop

Wednesday 20 April 2022

The Decolonising Collective of Leiden University is organising an online PhD workshop to foster conversation about decolonising research approaches. Are you considering means of addressing Eurocentrism in your methodological approaches? Do you have questions about how a decolonising approach fits within a PhD process designed by a colonial institute? Are you struggling to adapt non-Western theories to your cases or problems? Do you want to raise your own awareness of dynamics of knowledge extraction and ensure the communities you work with are driving the research process? Are you a Leiden University student at any stage of the PhD process (including Masters students writing PhD proposals or current PhD)? Then we welcome you to our online workshop on Wednesday, 20th April, 14:00 – 18:00.

In recognition of the importance of the next generation of scholars for the decolonisation of knowledge production, the workshop aims to support Leiden University students as they develop their decolonial praxis. Specifically, it provides a forum for students to raise critical questions, share ideas, and receive guidance from established practitioners of decolonising research methods and scholarly praxis.

Presenters will engage with a panel of 3-5 experts who have been using and/or teaching decolonial research methods and can provide practical advice and meaningful critique to an interdisciplinary group of students. The panellists will read the students’ paper submissions and provide feedback on their projects, especially their research design and methods.

We are aiming for a diversity of proposals to showcase the broad relevance of decolonisation of knowledge and to ensure relevance of the insights gleaned to as many PhDs as possible. Therefore, applicants may come from any disciplinary background and may be at any stage of the PhD process.

We anticipate that the practical conundrums students face will prompt bigger conceptual and philosophical debates. Furthermore, as PhD research can represent the frontiers of knowledge production, we are convinced that the wider community of Leiden University students will benefit as an audience. We therefore strive for a workshop audience that consists primarily of (prospective) PhD students and postdocs, with the only career academics being the event organisers and the panellists.

Application for Presenters

To apply as a presenter, please send 1) a brief write-up of your motivation (max one page), including an introduction of yourself, your disciplinary background, your project, and a description of the areas of the project that require particular support from the panellists; and 2) a copy of the proposal/chapter/paper (max 8000 words excluding bibliography) that you would like to receive feedback on. Send the application to decolonisingcollective@leidenuniv.nl with the subject line ‘PhD Workshop Application – Your Name’. Please also send questions and comments regarding the workshop to the same email address. Deadline for applications is 31st March 2022.

Registration for Audience

Registration to be an audience member is open primarily to Masters students writing PhD proposals, PhDs, and postdocs. To register for the event, please complete the registrationform by clicking the button below. There is no deadline for registration to be a member of the audience.

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