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Liz van der Kamp

‘My name is Liz van der Kamp, and I am doing a Master’s in Astronomy and Cosmology. This Master’s is followed by the double bachelor in Astronomy and Physics, that I finished last year. For my bachelor research project I investigated transits of companion around a primary star that are asymmetric in shape. I created a model of a tilted and inclined disk around that companion to fit the shape of the asymmetric light curve.'

I hope that people will be intrigued by the similarities I found


'During my research, I published a paper in Astronomy & Astrophysics. In this paper the results of the best-fit model as well as a comparison to two other tilted and inclined disk systems are shown. Also suggestions on further investigation of this and other asymmetric transit systems are described.

Liz van der Kamp

Intrigued by the similaraties

I hope that people will read my research and findings and will be intrigued by the similarities I found. Moreover, I hope that people will continue to investigate these systems. Perhaps they will find out more about the physics that creates such systems.’

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