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Koen Schouten

‘I study Physics, worked in the research group of Vadim Cheianov, at which I wrote my thesis on Rapid-cycle Thouless pumping inside a harmonic trap. Of course, this may not mean anything to you and probably needs some clarification.'

Thouless pumping

'A few decades ago, it was discovered that some properties of materials could be used to explain various effects in condensed matter physics. One such phenomenon is Thouless pumping, which realises the transportation of a charge through an insulator. However, measuring this effect comes with big challenges and was only recently observed.

Persue research

In my research project I tried to describe this Thouless pumping in more detail. I did this by investigating how the pumping is affected when changing the size of the system. I used numerical simulations to verify my predictions and also did quantum mechanical calculations.

The results of my thesis gave a very good idea of the effects. After I submitted my thesis, I kept working on the subject during the summer break. I even was able to convert it into an article, which has now even been published in Physical Review.

After the thesis

I have hope that the results of my research will be used by others. The research project was by far the most fun part of my Bachelor’s. I am hoping to spend a lot more time doing research in the future. Currently I am busy with my Master’s in Physics and Mathematics at the UvA, which I do with a lot of pleasure.’

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