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Daan Hoogers

‘My studies have revolved around the, in my view, most intriguing subject in the natural sciences, chemistry. I followed the Molecular Science and Technology program's courses in my bachelor's, focussing on organic chemistry. These courses sparked my interest in this field, leading me to conduct my bachelor's research with the group of Jeroen Codée in Leiden.'

Steering the reaction

'We primarily focused on developing novel strategies for steering glycosylation reactions. We did this by enhancing our understanding of this reaction. This is achieved by looking at trends in glycosylation reactions with a wide range of conditions. This was further substantiated by computing the reaction.

Multidisciplinary research

The multidisciplinary of lab and computational work is what drives me to this type of research. Seeing different fields merge to achieve a greater understanding is what inspires me.

I hope my studies will aid in understanding the complexity of the glycosylation reaction. This makes the synthesis of biologically relevant carbohydrates efficient. In my master's program, I am exploring more different areas of chemistry, like computational-, analytical- and biological chemistry. This to fuse them into multidisciplinary research to complete my studies and later continue in academia.’

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