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Sylvestre Bonnet

'I like the education since you use the direct connections between education and research. Moreover, learning new concepts to students is extremely rewarding. You help young people grow as a scientist, but also as a human being.'

‘For the MSc Chemistry I teach the courses Photochemistry and Metals in Life. Furthermore, in the BSc Life Science and Technology I am part of the minor Photon Power.

As a teacher you help young people grow

Understanding by teaching

The subtle side of photoredox chemistry I only understood after teaching it to my students. Now this is the most exciting course I give. I teach a combination of different theoretical concepts, that lead to proper photocatalysis. Without these concepts solar fuels did not exist, and therefore no solution to the energy crisis would be found.

Sylvestre Bonnet

Medicinal chemists often refer to proteins, lipids and nucleic acid when thinking about health. Lecturing how metals also play an essential role in staying healthy is rewarding. The Metals in Life course has a social component as well. In class we discuss the use of the nuclear reactor in Petten, anticancer therapy and other types of nuclear therapy.

Learning is like sports

Enjoying teaching is essential in the learning process. If you want to be a good teacher, the lectures need to be fun for both the students as the teacher. I publish all the old exams with answers for my students during the course. It takes me a lot of time creating two new exams every year but it’s also very educational and helpful. It is unmissable practice material for the students. Learning is like sports: you need to practise.’

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