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Jeroen Guinee

'I like teaching because it gives me the opportunity to make students enthusiastic about my subject. In return students challenge you to explain your topic clearly.‘

Jeroen Guinee

Life Cycle Assessment

'I teach the 10 EC course LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) Practice and Reporting. LCA offers a method to compare products or services on environmental impacts over their entire life cycle. This goes from raw material extraction to the production, use and disposal of the product. LCA has already been applied to a wide variety of products and services. This can range from packaging materials to energy scenarios and from buildings to food products.'

Students challenge you to explain your topic clearly

Create a clear course structure

I would like to give every teacher the tip to develop a clear course structure. This structure needs to be communicated to the students throughout the whole course. Furthermore, it helps to develop a mix of theory and related practical exercises. Students are always looking for structure, which makes perfect sense when they must digest a lot of new information.’

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