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To do in and around Leiden

Visit Leiden

There are many things to do in and around Leiden. For a nice overview, please visit the tourist website about Leiden, VisitLeiden.nl

Random day in Leiden

Recommendations of the organising committee:

  • Hortus Botanicus - Beautiful Gardens where you can watch the flowers and plants, or just sit down to relax.
  • De Burcht - A nice view of the city. (You will probably see this during the conference anyway, since the conference venue is next to it.)
  • Walking - Leiden is quite small, so you can see the city center by going for a stroll. You can also do one of the city walks (some are guided).
  • For a nice view - There is a La Place restaurant on the top floor of the Hudson's Bay. We recommend you to go there for a coffee or lunch and enjoy the great view over Leiden's city center. 
Lunch at the La Place restaurant with view over Leiden's city center.

King's Day - Thursday evening (April 26th) and Friday (April 27th)

To celebrate our King's birthday on April 27th, the Dutch dress up in orange, red-white-blue, or a combination of the two. There are parties all around the country, both on the 27th, and the evening before. Furthermore, there are flea markets all around, and people ride along the canals on boats. If you are available for an extra evening and day in the Netherlands, we recommend you to stay and experience this big national event!

Since this event is celebrated on a bigger scale in Amsterdam, we advice you to go there. It is easy to reach Amsterdam from Leiden by train. You have to like crowds though! 

Information about the parties can be found here: 

  • Amsterdam
  • Leiden
  • Use your favorite search engine for information on King's Day in other cities!
King's Day in Leiden

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