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From Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom to the depths of museums, and from muddy excavations to lab coats, in this course we will be exploring the multiple faces of archaeology. Digital, experimental, practical, theoretical, all will be there!

Archaeology, according to the dictionary (or wikipedia for that matter), is the study of human activity and human past through material culture. But how can we study human activity? What is material culture? Why should we even be concerned with the past at all? These questions, and more, will be explored in a series of meetings (and an excursion), which will illustrate the diverse avenues of research archaeology has to offer!

This course will not examine a particular historical period or geographical region, but rather will focus on the science of archaeology itself. Starting from an overview of archaeology in popular media like video games and tv shows, a number of experts will be showcasing how to conduct experimental archaeology (like making tools or weapons!), what does archaeological lab-work entail, how to study soil, and what does it mean to be in an archaeological excavation. The course will be concluded with a tour at the National Museum of Antiquities in Leiden.

Planning of the meetings

Meetings will take place every Tuesday afternoon from January 14 until February 25, 15.15-17.00 hrs.

Credits, letter of intent, admission

Credits ‘Studielasturen (slu's)’
The credit value of active participation in the PRE-programme is 25 slu. If you like, you can also write a ‘Profielwerkstuk’ based on one of the programme themes. In this case, please discuss this with your own teacher at school and contact one of the Pre-Classes instructors listed above.

Letter of Intent (in English)
Use your letter to tell us about yourself and in particular why you would like to take part in this programme. Please restrict your letter, in English, to about 300 words or one page of A4.

The maximum number of students selected for the programme will be 24. Pupils from 4, 5 and 6 vwo are welcome to apply.


The deadline for signing up for a PRE-Class in 2020 is 4 November 9:00am. Go to 'Aanmelding & selectie' to apply for this class.

The programme is also open to international students; if needed, the lectures will be in English.


For practical questions, please contact Esrih Bakker, for other questions contact the contact person of the class Aris Politopoulos.

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