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Walk-In Tours (currently not possible)

When the visitor centre is open, visitors have the opportunity to join a walk-in tour. During 30 minutes a tour guide will take you through the visitor centre and to one of our historic telescopes. This allows you to get a good impression of the building in a short time. Note: we are currently not offering guided tours at the Old Observatory.

During the guided tour, a lot of attention is paid to the visitor centre and astronomy. The visit to the telescopes is a unique experience that appeals to the imagination. The tour is always given by someone who is very involved with astronomy; the perfect opportunity to ask questions about astronomy that you’ve always wondered about!

Guided tours start at the entrance of the visitor centre at the following times:

  • Summer (April 1st - October 31st): 11:30 (NL), 13:30 (EN) and 15:30 (NL)
  • Winter (November 1st - March 31st): 11:30 (NL), 13:00 (EN) and 14:30 (NL)

To join a tour, an extra ticket is required. These cost €4 for adults, €2 for students, and are free for youth up to and including 18 years. The tickets can be bought in the lobby of the visitor center.

Please take into account that it takes about 10 minutes to walk to the Old Observatory from the entrance of the Hortus Botanicus.

  • Groups containing more than 5 people cannot join the tour. We gladly refer these people to our private tours..

  • This tour involves climbing a number of stairs. Lifts are not available for the domes. As a result, these tours are not suitable for disabled people. If you have mobility problems, ask about the possibilities before the tour starts.

  • Up to 15 people can take part in a guided tour.

  • We cannot guarantee that it is possible to look through a telescope during a tour.

  • The Old Observatory Leiden has the right to refuse a guided tour for whatever reason.

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