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Leiderschap bij Snel Ontwikkelende Organisaties

Kies je om te leiden, managen, vertrouwen of om dingen onder controle te houden? Op 27 October organiseren wij een evenement over 'Leadership in Agile Organisations', waarbij leren, inspireren en het uitwisselen van kennis tussen professionals, change agents en onderzoekers voorop staat. Lees meer over het evenement in het Engels.

Change is happening faster than ever, and an increasing number of institutions within the public sector is looking for alternative, more dynamic and scalable solutions.

Organisations are now leaning towards agility to adapt to such rapidly changing environments: the old models are too rigid and agile organisations cannot be led in a Tayloristic, top-down hierarchical fashion. The transformation of bureaucratic institutions into a more transparent, accessible, responsive, adaptive, effective, efficient and accountable government has just begun.

The changing structures have an impact on leadership and culture.
What is the impact of agile transformations on leadership in our organisations today?
What are the right models for leadership in ecosystems of semi-autonomous teams? 

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