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COM2019 is coming to Leiden!

The Conference on Multilingualism has its origin in 2005 at the University of Trento, where it was known under the name of “Workshop on Bilingualism”. In 2016, the conference was renamed to “Conference on Multilingualism” in order to include a broader range of aspects of multilingualism. It is aimed at exploring the many different aspects of multilingualism in the fields of linguistics, psychology, neurology, sociology and educational sciences. In the past year, it was held in Ghent and it is now coming to the Netherlands.

Student helpers

  • Despina Dagonaki
  • Tanja Westra
  • Bruno Lewis
  • Johanna Voith
  • Miriam Romaneli


Scientific Committee

  • Rob Hartsuiker
  • Guillaume Thierry
  • Merel Keijzer
  • Manolo Carreiras
  • Cheryl Frenck-Mestre
  • Ludovica Serratrice
  • Niels O. Schiller


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