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A tip for students working together from home

Today we received this tip from two of our students. It's about how to stay motivated while working from home. We decided to share it with you.

Working on your graduation project from home can be lonely work. Moreover, motivating yourself to get behind that laptop, again, is not always easy. Wouldn't it be much better if you could work in the same room with fellow students, or at least to feel like you do?

Two of our graduating students found a way that works well for them. They set up a live video connection (like Zoom or Jitsi Meet) and them work with their audio muted. This way they see each other working, and can unmute to ask a question or share a thought. Apparently, this works very well for them!

What works for you?

If you have suggestions on how to get through studying from home, please let us know or share this with your fellow students!

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