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Alumni exhibit their "Magische Korstmossen" work at Cinekid MediaLab 2021

We are proud to see the work "Magische Korstmossen" by our alumni Carolien Teunisse and Sabrina Verhage exhibited at the Cinekid MediaLab 2021. Via augmented reality, "Magische Korstmossen" lets children interact with the magical world of lichens.

Cinekid MediaLab offers children fun and educational exploration within a lively international festival. In fact, Cinekid Festival is the largest children's film and media festival in the world. The MediaLab exhibition intersects arts, new media, technology and image-culture. Children roam along interactive installations, try new apps and games, follow different media-related workshops.

One of the interactive works in MediaLab 2021 was created by Media Technology alumni Carolien Teunisse and Sabrina Verhage. Their interactive AR-based app lets children explore the world of lichen ("korstmossen" in Dutch), a symbiotic organism consisting of funghi and algae. By pointing it at lichens in nature or the urban environment, these lichen turn into small works of art.

Sabrina and Carolien are on a mission to make people experience (urban) nature surrounding them in new ways. Their work attempts to highlight the beauty of something mundane as lichens. Discover and try their "Magische Korstmossen" app yourself!

The beauty of a broad research university such as Leiden University is that all academic specialties can be found here, also research into arctic lichens. In the Media Technology program we love to involve other academics in our research.

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