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"Letters from Nature" installation featured in Museum De Lakenhal

The art installation by Peter van der Putten and Jeroen van der Most was selected from nearly 500 submissions for an exhibition on climate change.

In the art project "Letters from Nature", an artificial intelligence writes text on behalf of the world's ice caps, glaciers, coral reefs and islands under threat. Such letters were sent out to world leaders. It poses the idea that AI could give nature the capacity to warn and ask for help in response to the climate crisis.

The work is a collaboration between our colleague Peter van der Putten and artist Jeroen van der Most.

Exhibition "If Things Grow Wrong"

In the coming Fall, the installation will be showcased in a custom setup, as part of the exhibition "If Things Grow Wrong" in Museum De Lakenhal in Leiden. The exhibition criticizes and challenges our growth addiction: the desire to always want more, bigger and faster. The work was selected with 14 other works from nearly 500 submitted proposals. Exact dates and times of the exhibition to be announced.

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