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Max van Duijn and Daphne Wong-a-Foe at the Nacht van Ontdekkingen

Saturday 17 September 2022
Downtown Leiden

Nacht van Ontdekkingen

The Nacht van Ontdekkingen ("Night of Dicoveries") 2022 focuses on the younger generation. At different locations in the festival area you can discover new makers, young researchers and artists. A true voyage of discovery along performances, exhibitions, debates, workshops and inspiring lectures. At the Nacht van Ontdekkingen on Saturday September 17, two talks will be given by researchers associated with the Media Technology MSc program.

See the program for talks that are provided either in English and Dutch.

EEG Variability in Jaran Kepang Dancers

PhD candidate Daphne Wong-a-Foe (alumna of the Media Technology MSc program) will present her graduation project. She used EEG measuments to study trance in dancers of the traditional Javanese Jaran Kepang dance artform. Read more about Daphne's talk.

Social Technologies: from campfires to Insta and Netflix

Assistant professor and lecturer in the Media Technology MSc program Max van Duijn speaks about "social technologies". What is the relation between age-old campfire meetings and modern phenomena such as Facebook? And how do modern dance festivals and online gaming fit into this? Learn all about this fascinating topic in Max's talk.

Max van Duijn speaking at Leiden University's Dies event in 2019
Max van Duijn speaking at Leiden University's Dies event in 2019

Nacht van Ontdekkingen

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