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Peter Houben

Universitair docent

Dr. P. Houben
+31 70 800 9308

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Universitair docent

  • Faculteit Governance and Global Affairs
  • Leiden University College


Anna van Buerenplein
Anna van Buerenplein 301
2595 DG Den Haag
Kamernummer 4.08


  • Houben Peter, Kuehl Norbert, Dambeck Rainer & Overath Jan (2013), Lateglacial to Holocene rapid crater infilling of a MIS 2 maar volcano (West-Eifel Volcanic Field, Germany): environmental history and geomorphological feedback mechanisms, BOREAS 42(4): 947-958.artikel in tijdschrift (refereed)
  • Houben Peter, Schmidt Michael, Mauz Barbara, Stobbe Astrid & Lang Andreas (2013), Asynchronous Holocene colluvial and alluvial aggradation: A matter of hydrosedimentary connectivity, HOLOCENE 23(4): 544-555.artikel in tijdschrift (refereed)
  • Houben Peter (2012), Sediment budget for five millennia of tillage in the Rockenberg catchment (Wetterau loess basin, Germany), QUATERNARY SCIENCE REVIEWS 52: 12-23.artikel in tijdschrift (refereed)
  • Houben Peter, Hoinkis Ralf, Santisteban Juan I., Salat Christina & Mediavilla Rosa (2011), Combining allostratigraphic and lithostratigraphic perspectives to compile subregional records of fluvial responsiveness: The case of the sustainably entrenching Palancia River watershed (Mediterranean coast, NE Spain), GEOMORPHOLOGY 129(3-4): 342-360.artikel in tijdschrift (refereed)
  • Houben Peter, Wunderlich Juergen & Schrott Lothar (2009), Climate and long-term human impact on sediment fluxes in watershed systems Preface., GEOMORPHOLOGY 108(1-2): 1-7.artikel in tijdschrift (refereed)
  • Verstraeten Gert, Lang Andreas & Houben Peter (2009), Human impact on sediment dynamics - quantification and timing Introduction., CATENA 77(2): 77-80.artikel in tijdschrift (refereed)
  • Houben Peter (2008), Scale linkage and contingency effects of field-scale and hillslope-scale controls of long-term soil erosion: Anthropogeomorphic sediment flux in agricultural loess watersheds of Southern Germany., GEOMORPHOLOGY 101(1-2): 172-191.artikel in tijdschrift (refereed)
  • Houben Peter (2007), Geomorphological facies reconstruction of Late Quaternary alluvia by the application of fluvial architecture concepts, GEOMORPHOLOGY 86(1-2): 94-114.artikel in tijdschrift (refereed)
  • Hoffmann T., Erkens G., Cohen K. M., Houben P., Seidel J. & Dikau R. (2007), Holocene floodplain sediment storage and hillslope erosion within the Rhine catchment, HOLOCENE 17(1): 105-118.artikel in tijdschrift (refereed)
  • Houben Peter, Hoffmann Thomas, Zimmermann Andreas & Dikau Richard (2006), Land use and climatic impacts on the Rhine system (RheinLUCIFS): Quantifying sediment fluxes and human impact with available data, CATENA 66(1-2): 42-52.artikel in tijdschrift (refereed)
  • Houben P (2003), Spatio-temporally variable response of fluvial systems to Late Pleistocene climate change: a case study from central Germany, QUATERNARY SCIENCE REVIEWS 22(20): 2125-2140.artikel in tijdschrift (refereed)
  • Andres W, Bos JAA, Houben P, Kalis AJ, Nolte S, Rittweger H & Wunderlich J (2001), Environmental change and fluvial activity during the Younger Dryas in central Germany, QUATERNARY INTERNATIONAL 79: 89-100.artikel in tijdschrift (refereed)

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