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Jaap Murre

Emeritus hoogleraar

Prof.dr. J.P. Murre
+31 71 527 4831

Emeritus hoogleraar

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  • Mathematisch Instituut


Niels Bohrweg 1
2333 CA Leiden
Kamernummer 205


  • Nagel J. & Peters C.A.M. (2013), Lectures on the Theory of Pure Motives University Lecture Series nr. 2013: American Mathematical Society.boek
  • Kimura S. & Murre J.P. (2010), On natural isomorphisms of finite dimensional motives and applications to the Picard motives. In: Srinivas V. (Red.) In: Cycles, Motives and Shimura Varieties. Mumbai, India: Tata Institute of Fundamental Research.congresbijdrage (refereed)
  • Murre J.P. & Ramakrishnan D. (2009), Local Galois symbols on E x E, Fields Institute Communications 56: 257-291.artikel in tijdschrift
  • Conte A., Marchisio P. & Murre J.P. (2007), On the k-unirationality of the cubic complex. In: Atti dell'Academia Peloritana dei Pericolanti; classe di Scienze Fisiche. 3.congresbijdrage (refereed)
  • Gordon B., Hanamura M. & Murre J.P. (2005), Absolute Chow-Kuenneth projectors for modular varieties, Journal reine und angewandte Mathematik 580: 139-155.artikel in tijdschrift
  • Murre J.P. (2003), Relative Chow-K√ľnneth projectors for modular varieties, Journal reine und angewandte Mathematik 558: 1-14.artikel in tijdschrift (refereed)
  • Conte A. & Murre J.P. (1998), On a theorem of Morin on the unirationality of the quartic fivefold. onbekend: Mathematisch Instituut.rapport
  • Gordon B. & Murre J.P. (1998), Chow motives of elliptic modular threefolds. onbekend: Mathematisch Instituut.rapport
  • Murre J.P. (1998), Algebraic cycles and Abelian varieties. onbekend: Mathematisch Instituut.rapport

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