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A.E. Gorbalenya

Naam Prof.dr. A.E. Gorbalenya
Telefoon +31 71 526 1436
E-mail a.e.gorbalenya@lumc.nl
European Research Council, ERC Consolidator Grant Programme
Grant Evaluator
Faculty of Bioengineering & Bioinformatics, Lomonosov Moscow State University
Professor, Head of Moscow-Bioinformatics-Leiden (MoBiLe) Group
International Committee of Taxonomy of Viruses Virology Division International Union Microbiologica
Member of the Executive Committee; Vice-President
International Journal 'Journal of Virology' published by the American Society of Microbiology
Member of the Editorial Board
International Journal 'PLoS Pathogens' published by the Public Libary of Science
Guest Editor
International Journal 'Virology'published by Elsevier
Member of the Editorial Board; Editor
International Journal 'Virus Research' Published by Elsevier
Member of the Editorial Board
Leiden University Fund
Extraordinary Professor of Applied Bioinformatics in Virology
Netherlands Bioinformatics Centre Faculty
the American Society for Microbiology
the American Society of Virology
the International Society of Computational Biology