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This is the team of the Leiden Advocacy Project on Plastic.

Esther Kentin

Having studied environmental law, in particular international environmental law, my interest for this field of law has never faded. In 2016, I started the Leiden Advocacy Project on Plastic as I felt that plastic was getting a serious environmental problem while there was – and still is   – hardly any law regulating it. Furthermore, I wanted to contribute to practical and societal questions. Therefore, we hooked up with organisations that work on plastic waste. In addition, I wanted to work with students, providing them a chance to work on legal questions of these organisations, and applying the law they have been studying during their studies.

Next to my work at LAPP, I teach Moot Court and pursue research on the case law of the International Court of Justice.

My favourite travel involves safari and sailing, and I also enjoy hiking and riding.

Current LAPP students

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