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Sinds 2009 behaalden 57 kandidaten hun doctoraat in Creative en Performing Arts. Op deze pagina een overzicht van ACPA's alumni.


Petra Klusmeyer

Sonic Peripheries: Middling With/In the Event (September 2019)

Susan Williams

FINDING FOCUS - Using external focus of attention for practicing and performing music (juni 2019)

Magda Pucci

Cantos da Floresta (maart 2019)


Gilbert Blin

The Reflections of Memory- An account of a cognitive approach to historically informed staging (December 2018)

Andrea Stultiens

Ebifananyi, a study of photographs in Uganda in and through an artistic practice (November 2018)

Rina Visser

Veranderend kunstenaarschap
De rol en betekenis van de kunstenaar in participatieve kunstpraktijken

Henri Bok

The deep-rooted microtonality of the bass clarinet

Crawford Young

La Cetra Cornuta : the Horned Lyre of the Christian World

Elske Tinbergen

The 'cello' in the Low Countries- The instrument and its practical use in the 17th and 18th centuries

Jonas Staal

Propaganda Art from the 20th to the 21st Century


Yannis Kyriakidis

Imagined Voices A Poetics of Music-Text-Film

Joost Vanmaele

The Informed Performer
Towards a bio-culturally informed performers’ practice

Carlos Roos

Global Music: Recasting and Rethinking the Popular as Global

Dick de Graaf

Beyond borders : broadening the artistic palette of (composing) improvisers in jazz

Lilo Nein

Writing performance : on relations between texts and performances

Budhaditya Chattopadhyay

Audible Absence: Searching for the Site in Sound Production (March 2017) // Currently: Sound artist, researcher, writer and theorist.


Niels Berentsen

Discantare Super Planum Cantum : new approaches to vocal polyphonic improvisation 1300-1470 (December 2016)

Frank Blokland

On the origin of patterning in movable Latin type: Renaissance standardisation, systematisation, and unitisation of textura and roman type (October 2016)

Jaap Brouwer 

Johan van Meurs. Een studie over een pionierend orgeladviseur(June 2016)

Clarence Charles

Calypso music : identity and social influence : the Trinidadian experience (November 2016)

Maria Cleary

The 'harpe organisée', 1720-1840 : rediscovering the lost pedal techniques on harps with a single-action pedal mechanism (December 2016)

Sophie Ernst

The magic of projection : augmentation and immersion in media art (December 2016) // Visual artist Sophie Ernst frequently presents slide-lectures on ideas pertaining to her work. Recent lectures include a.o.: “What is a conflict?”, Imperial War Museum North, UK; “HOME”, Fondation Maison des sciences de l’homme, FR. Her video works have been shown among others at the Moscow Bienale, Asia Triennial Manchester, ZKM, Karlsruhe, Nasher Museum, Duke University, International Video Festival, Cairo, Johnson Museum, Cornell University.

Hans Scholten

Het Urban Future-project (November 2016)

Christopher Williams

Tactile paths : on and through notation for improvisers (December 2016)

Andrew Wright

The Polyphonic Touch. Coarticulation and polyphonic expression in the performance of piano and organ music (June 2016)



Donna Agrell

Repertoire for a Swedish Bassoon Virtuoso. Approaching early nineteenth-century works composed for Frans Preumayr with an original Grenser & Wiesner bassoon (December 2015) // Currently: professor for historical bassoon at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis and the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague and is a founding member of The Orchestra of the Eighteenth Century .

Inês de Avena Braga

Dolce Napoli: approaches for performances. Recorders for the Neapolitan Baroque repertoire 1695-1759 (July 2015) // Currently: Recorder player with ensembles LOTUS, COLLEGIUM MUSICUM Den Haag, Schifanoia, La Cicala and the Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra, Research Supervisor at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague since 2012.

Itandehui Jansen

Finding One’s Own Voice as an Indigenous Filmmaker (October 2015) // Currently: Filmmaker; lecturer and director of the Undergraduate Film & TV program at the University of Edinburgh.

Ruchama Noorda

℞eForm (December 2015) // Currently: Artist using diverse media and materials in performances and installations, investigating the legacy of the early 20th century Life Reform Movement.

Nicoleta Paraschivescu

Die Partimenti von Giovanni Paisiello: Ansätze zu ihrem Verständnis (September 2015) // Currently: teaching the organ at the Musik Akademie Basel (AMS) and is titular organist at the church of St. Theodor in Basel (organ built by Kern, 1984). She was awarded the 2016 hibou-Stiftung Prize in recognition of her outstanding research on partimenti. 



Anil Çamci  

The Cognitive Continuum of Electronic Music (December 2014)

Miguelángel Clerc Parada 

(De)Composing Immersion (November 2014)

Claire Genewein

Vokales Instrumentalspiel in der zweiten Hälfte des 18. Jahrhunderts. 
Die Aufführungspraxis italienischer Instrumentalmusik in der Auseinandersetzung mit Vokalmusik und Text: Quellen und moderne Umsetzung
June 2014)

Juan Parra Cancino

Multiple Paths: Towards a Performance Practice in Computer Music (December 2014)

Anna Scott                                    

Romanticizing Brahms: Early Recordings and the Reconstruction of Brahmsian Identity (December 2014) // Dr. Anna Scott performs extensively as a soloist and as a collaborative pianist; she teaches and supervises Masters and PhD students at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague, Leiden University, and the Orpheus Instituut; and she is on the coordination team of the DocArtes Doctoral Programme in the Musical Arts at the Orpheus Instituut. 

Hendrik Vanden Abeele                                

What late medieval chant manuscripts do to a present-day performer of plainchant (December 2014) // Hendrik Vanden Abeele is a pianist, singer, lecturer and researcher. He founded the plainchant group 'Psallentes' in 2000. The ensemble seeks out plainchant and associated polyphony from various historical periods. Hendrik currently works as a postdoctoral researcher and staff member of the Alamire Foundation (Leuven University, Belgium).

Barbara Varassi Pega 

Creating and Re-creating Tangos: Artistic processes and innovations in Music by Pugliese, Salgán, Piazzolla and Beytelmann (December 2014)



Krien Clevis

LOCVS. Memory and Transience in the Representation of Place. From Italic Domus to Artistic Environment (October 2013) // Artist, researcher and curator. As a lecturer in the Arts Faculty Maastricht, she teaches Artistic Research in the Fine Arts department (BFA/MFA). She is involved in a post-doc project at the Research Centre Autonomy and Public Sphere in the Arts at the same faculty.

Cathy van Eck

Between Air and Electricity - Microphones and loudspeakers as musical instruments (December 2013) // Currently: Composer. Cathy teaches at the University of the Arts Bern and her book Between air and electricity - Microphones and loudspeakers as musical instruments was published in 2017.

Falk Hübner

Shifting Identities - The musician as theatrical performer (November 2013)

Wim Kok

Thirty Sixth Series of the Next Kind of Series (December 2013)

Marlon Titre

Thinking through the guitar: the sound-cell-texture chain (December 2013) // Currently: Head of Studies of the Master of Music at Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts, Tilburg.

Mark van Tongeren 

Grenzen van het hoorbare: over de meerstemmigheid van het lichaam / Thresholds of the audible: about the multiphony of the body (March 2013)

Gerard Unger

Alverata, a present-day, European typeface with roots in the middle ages (September 2013)


Ann Bessemans 

Letterontwerp voor kinderen met een visuele functiebeperking / Typeface design for visually impaired children (October 2012)

Henk Borgdorff

The Conflict of the Faculties; Perspectives on Artistic Research and Academia (April 2012)

Nadine Chahine 

Reading Arabic; Legibility Studies for the Arabic Script (October 2012) // Currently: UK Type Director and Legibility Expert at Monotype.

Arne Deforce

LABORINTH Π - Denken als experiment - ‘472’ Meditaties over de noodzaak van het creatief denken en experimenteren in het uitvoeren van complexe muziek van 1962 tot heden / Thinking as experiment – ‘472’ Meditations on the necessity of creative thinking and experimenting in the performance practice of complex music from 1962 - today (November 2012)

Annemarie Dragosits 

Giovanni Girolamo Kapsperger (ca. 1581 – 1651): Betrachtungen zu seinem Leben und Umfeld, seiner Vokalmusik und seinem praktischen Material zum Basso continuo-Spiel  (December 2012)

Juan Sebastian Lach Lau

Harmonic duality; From interval ratios and pitch distance to spectra and sensory dissonance (December 2012) // Currently: Composer of chamber and electronic music, teacher composition at Las Rosas Conservatory, Mexico. Also part of a contemporary and experimental music ensemble Liminar.


Kathryn Cok

Basso Continuo Sources from the Dutch Republic c.1620-c.1790 (October 2011)

Alessandro Colizzi

Bruno Munari and the invention of modern graphic design in Italy, 1928-1945 (May 2011) // Currently: Professor at UQAM's École de design in Montreal, Canada. Specialized in typography. He is member of the Association Typographique Internationale, Société des designeurs graphiques du Québec, AIS Design, and AIAP (Italian graphic designers’ association).


Paul Craenen

Gecomponeerde Uitvoerders. Het musicerend lichaam vanuit compositorisch perspectief / Composing under the skin (March 2011)

Yolande Harris

Scorescapes: On Sound, Environment and Sonic Consciousness (December 2011)


Stefan Belderbos

Van kunstwerk tot religieus ritueel / From artwork to rituals in religion (December 2010)

Jed Wentz

The relationship between gesture, affect and rhythmic freedom in the performance of French tragic opera from Lully to Rameau (December 2010)


Luk Vaes

Extended Piano Techniques in Theory, History & Performance Practice (December 2009)

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