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Why Brazil Matters: culture, history and language

Type gastles
op school
1 lesuur (50 min.)
cultuur, geschiedenis, religie en filosofie
gedrag en maatschappij
recht, economie en bestuur
taal, literatuur en communicatie
Eduardo Alves Vieira  (University Lecturer) Edmund Amann  (Hoogleraar Brazilië Studies) Sara Brandellero  (University Lecturer) Ana Cardozo de Souza  (Skills Lecturer)

Brazil is a country of continental proportions, covering half of South America, home to one of the richest biodiversities in the world, a country increasingly important on the world stage in terms of economy, international relations and size and impact of its cultural production. This class will give you a better understanding of contemporary Brazil, as we go behind the headlines and the clichés. Focusing on the cultural powerhouse that is Brazil, you will learn how home-grown cinema and literature have come to challenge dominant ideas in the country and exercise a global influence. We will also focus on key related issues such as the Portuguese language, Brazil’s recent history, its rapid urbanization, economic development, and the situation of the indigenous population. By the end of this class you will also get a taste of the beautiful Portuguese language and learn some basic Portuguese!

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