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The overview of lectures, work groups and examinations can be found halfway each course description in our online course catalogue ProspectusAt the end of August (for semester 1) /January (for semester 2) it will be is possible to view a personal course schedule in uSis showing your lecture and workgroup schedule. In uSis, workgroups (seminars) are indicated with a W or WGR, Lectures are indicated with LEC and exams are marked with TEN.

Course clash?
Keep in mind when selecting your courses that you may need to reshuffle a little once the course schedules are available to avoid course clashes. If you are taking courses from other faculties as well, make sure to check if any of the courses and/or exams in your programme overlap. Please contact your Exchange Coordinator as soon as possible in case you encounter a course clash.

Leids kwartiertje
All lectures have a so called 'Leids kwartiertje': an academic quarter. This is the quarter-hour (15 minute) difference between the defined start time for a lecture or lesson in the timetable and the actual starting time. This means that lessons start 15 minutes late to give students the opportunity to walk (or bike) from one building to another between classes.

Academic calendar

Leiden University Academic Calendar

  • Semester 1 (block 1 and block 2):  6 September 2021 – 6 January 2022.

    Important: Block 2 exams and block 1 resits are scheduled in January. If you need to be back at your home university in early January, you cannot take Psychology courses in block 2. It is not possible to make alternative arrangements for Psychology exams or resits.
  • Semester 2 (block 3 and block 4):  7 February 2022 – mid July 2022 (depending on your last exam or resit).
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