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Impact & Innovation

Research and teaching at the campus in The Hague closely reflect the key themes of the city: peace, security and justice. The University is also actively involved in teaching and research in the fields of healthcare and public health, as well as in research on urban issues. Much of this research and teaching has an immediate impact in the city, and graduates generally find jobs very quickly.


The Hague is the centre of public administration for the Netherlands and is increasingly becoming a hub for international governance. It is a busy and lively metropolis with over half a million inhabitants. The University’s research and teaching play a role in resolving many of today’s urban issues. The Centre for Innovation, for example, brings experts at the interface betrween science, technology and entrepreneurship together with students, researchers and other paties in the city to allow innovative ideas to flourish. 

Organisations and institutions in The Hague

With our research and teaching, Leiden University wants to help provide answers to issues facing ministries in The Hague, international and European organisations, the nuerous inter-government and non-goernment organisations (IGOs and NGOs), enbassies and the diplomatic and judicial institutions. 

Opportunities for graduates

Our students and graduates enjoy the benefit of countless opportunities for contact with professionals from the field of practice. Students also have access to a wide range of internships and better opportunities for finding work in their own sector once theyhave graduated.   

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