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Impact & Innovation

In our research and teaching, we seek answers to economic and social issues. Our focus in The Hague is on themes such as peace, security, public administration, health care and legal, international and urban challenges.


Our research is helping achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Rather than work in isolation, we collaborate with many different partners, such as other knowledge institutions, the public and private sector, NGOs, museums and charities. The Hague and its surrounding municipalities form a metropolis with a population of over half a million, which gives us perfect opportunity to apply our research and teaching to solving urban challenges. 

Organisations and institutions in The Hague

Our legal scholars advise on justice and legislation, our psychologists and doctors on health care, our experts on public administration and political science on policy and our humanities scholars on international affairs. With our research and teaching, we want to help provide answers to issues facing ministries in The Hague, international and European organisations, embassies and judicial institutions. 

Lifelong learning

Our educational offering is very wide: from bachelor’s and master’s programmes to advanced master’s programmes for professionals as well as continuing training, summer schools and courses. We offer over 20 free online courses on topics ranging from international law, terrorism and cultural heritage to kidney transplantation.

Opportunities for graduates

Our students and graduates enjoy the benefit of countless opportunities for contact with professionals from the field of practice. Our students also have access to a wide range of internships, with more chance of finding work in their own sector once they have graduated.   

Examples of the impact of Campus The Hague


PRINS: International Studies students offer advice

Third-years on the Bachelor’s programme in International Studies spend 12 weeks analysing a case or problem at an organisation that operates in an international context. This is generally an organisation in The Hague, such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or OPCW, but it can also be an organisation outside The Hague such as Google, Starbucks and the OECD. The students translate their academic knowledge into practical advice during this Practising International Studies course (PRINS).

Dopper Prize for UNPLASTIC project

Students from Leiden University College The Hague are going head to head with plastic pollution, and have won the first battle: the Dopper Changemaker Challenge 2019. They are using the winnings to develop learning modules for biology and economics teachers all around the world.

Haagse vaten: earlier detection of cardiovascular risk

The number of younger people with cardiovascular disease is increasing. The national risk prediction guidelines are not as effective in The Hague because of the relatively high number of patients with low socioeconomic status and non-Western background. In the Haagse vaten (in Dutch) project, LUMC Campus The Hague is therefore using data from The Hague only to identify which groups in the population are at higher risk of contracting cardiovascular disease.

Cyber Security Academy

At the Cyber Security Academy Lecturers from Leiden University, Delft University of Technology and The Hague University of Applied Sciences provide postgraduate education to professionals involved in cyber security. With its part-time master’s programme, short courses and tailored tracks, the Academy helps increase the digital resilience and security of organisations, citizens and thus society as a whole.  

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