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TAILored surfaces in Operando conditions: structure and Reactivity

This meeting will be devoted to recent advances in the operando investigation of reactivity at surfaces from both experimental and theoretical points of view.

Welcome to TAILOR2021

The sessions of the workshop will cover various topics, mainly related to operando studies of the structure and the reactivity of a large range of catalytic tailored materials, including model surfaces, well-defined supported nanoparticles and electrochemical systems. The oral presentations (26) and poster sessions will be open to a wide list of experimental techniques including spectroscopy, microscopy, X-ray scattering and scanning probes, new developments of instrumentation, and also to recent advances in the field of theoretical approaches and models of surface science and heterogeneous catalysis.

Six invited lectures will be given by: Anja Sjåstad (University of Oslo, Norway), Mie Andersen (Technical University of Munich, Germany), Hannes Jónsson (University of Iceland), Mitsunori Kurahashi (National Institute of Materials Science, Tsukuba, Japan), Talat Rahman (University of Central Florida, USA) and Alina Vlad (Synchrotron SOLEIL, France).

Scientific committee

Jakub Drnec ESRF Grenoble, France
Marie-Claire Saint-Lager Institut Néel Grenoble, France
Johan Gustafson Lund University, Sweden

Organising committee

Irene Groot Leiden University, the Netherlands


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