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Moderne Dance

A dance form that is open to very diverse forms of movement. Characteristics of modern dance are working from the center of the body, breathing technique, contact with the floor and frequent use of turning and swinging movements.

Modern dance originally started as a protest against the academic style of the time: classical ballet. Dancers wanted to break the rules that made ballet, ballet. Examples are that feet were no longer turned outwards and that the pelvis initiate movements. Modern dance is both a powerful and a soft dance style that is very grounded and loose. Dancers no longer stand on tiptoe to appear tall and tall like in ballet (pointe shoes). Modern dance continues to grow worldwide and famous. Dancing is usually barefoot or with socks to keep the contact with the floor as direct as possible. Besides the technical training of the body it is wonderful to express yourself in this dance form. Natural movements of the body are used such as running, rolling, jumping, falling, walking, etc. The choice of music can be very diverse.

Modern Dance

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